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La Liga en Cuba is a non-profit organization that seeks to support the quickly growing Cuban soccer community. In working together, La Liga en Cuba and Artecorte strive to provide and the Cuban soccer community with an environment that is safe and positive in which Cuban youth can compete in, learn and enjoy the world’s most popular sport.

Founder of La Liga en Cuba, Anton Buri, is a Canadian-American economics student in his first year at the University of British Columbia. Upon graduating high school in 2015, Anton chose to take a gap year and live in Havana, Cuba. Anton became part of the Artecorte team in November of 2015. He assisted us by holding free English classes for local entrepreneurs and helping with translation and interpretation at Artecorte events. A lifetime player and fan of soccer, Anton’s primary role with Artecorte though, was as volunteer youth soccer coach. Working closely with a Cuban coach, Anton formed and developed a youth team from schools in the area that practiced five days a week, competed in local tournaments, and participated in team activities outside of soccer.

While in Cuba, Anton noticed the abundant love and passion that the Cuban people have for soccer, a sport that despite this has never been among the island’s most popular sports. Inspired by this passion, and aware of Cuba’s remarkable ability to excel in athletics on the international level, Anton founded La Liga, a project designed to help provide the spark needed for soccer in Cuba to become what it has the potential to be, and assist Cuba in joining the world’s largest and most loved sports community.

By providing Cuban players and coaches with a formal and organized environment to play soccer, La Liga en Cuba hopes to build a community and culture in Cuba that enables the quality and popularity of soccer to grow at an increasing rate. Taking advantage of the ability to provide resources and knowledge not easily accessible in Cuba, La Liga en Cuba hopes to educate members of the Cuban soccer community and enable the spread of knowledge and culture of the sport across the country.

Together, Artecorte and La Liga en Cuba work to provide the opportunity for members of their community to engage in activities and gain unique skills and values. Both organizations strive to help each other expand their work beyond just their own direct communities, and to the rest of Cuba. In working together, Artecorte and La Liga en Cuba work to assist Cuban youth in developing important values that are best acquired through team participation and structured competition. By way of our services, we hope to connect Cubans with the international soccer community and encourage a positive and active relationship between the people of Cuba and the United States.

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